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Yamaha-The Drive ®

Designing a great golf car is like playing a great round.It's about controlling all the factors.

UMAX Bistro

Designed to be irresistible. The UMAX Bistro is built to attract guests and their wallets. This car is equipped with so many convenient features, all you need to do is stock, drive, and profit.

Display Cabinet: With an attractive brushed aluminum finish, multiple individual storage compartments, heavy duty locking polycarbonate doors and a locking stainless steel cash drawer.

Menu Boards: Two removable menu boards to display your specials of the day with a white board design.
Mobile Pro Shop: Raise course profits by offering everyday items needed on the course

Cold Storage Unit: Features a gel-coated, UV-resistant base with 1.0” to 1.5” polyurethane insulated panels ensuring beverages will stay cold even overnight, and a single bottom-mounted drain with shut-off valve.
Holds 16 cases of canned drinks and plenty of in this lockable cold storage unit ice. Panels meet National Sanitation Foundation material standards for distribution of prepackaged foods.


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We are New England Golf Cars, A full-service provider of golf cars and utility vehicles. We have over 25 years of experience in the service, repair and sales of all major brands of golf car

We supply vehicles for business, factories, campgrounds, and special events.

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