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Golf Car Rentals

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2 Passenger Golf Car – great for getting around at small communities or large job sites.

4 Passenger

4 Passenger Golf Car – great for shuttling family or friends around at small communities, transportation in large parking areas or large events.

6 Passenger

6 Passenger Golf Car – the perfect transportation vehicle for weddings and big events when you need to shuttle many people.


Utility Golf Car – perfect vehicle for setting up your events, transporting gear and getting around on a job site.

Super Hauler

Super Hauler Golf Car – this extra-large hauler will lighten your load. With durable, low-maintenance engineering, and a super-sized aluminum cargo bed.

Heavy Duty Utility

Heavy Duty Utility Golf Car – with a larger dumping work bed, this is perfect for helping with maintenance duties and transporting more gear around with.


UMAX Golf Car – luxurious bucket seats, under hood storage compartment, and large 20″ tires, you can see the difference when power, performance, versatility, and comfort matter.

Rental Requirements

1. Payment In Full – Prior to Delivery
2. On Site Contact Name and Cell Phone #
3. Certificate of Liability – Listing New England Golf Cars as additionally Insured
4. Vehicles kept overnight or over the weekend must be secured by housing, locks or security.
5. All operators of Golf Cars must be licensed drivers over the age of 18.
6. Vehicles are subject to pick up immediately following end terms of contract, if needed.

About Us

We are New England Golf Cars, A full-service provider of golf cars and utility vehicles. We have over 25 years of experience in the service, repair and sales of all major brands of golf car

We supply vehicles for business, factories, campgrounds, and special events.

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